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Plug Valve is closed the plunger-shaped pieces or rotary valve, the valve by rotating 90 degrees and the body stuffed in the channel mouth openings on the same or separate, to achieve a valve open or closed. The shape of the valve plug can plug into a cylindrical or conical. In the cylindrical plug, the channel generally rectangular; in tapered plug, the channel into a trapezoid. The shape of the structure of the plug becomes light, but also produced a certain loss. Plug cut off and turned on the most appropriate for streaming media and application, but the nature and basis for resistance to erosion of the sealing surface, and sometimes also be used for throttling.
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main material of the products are A105, WCB, C5,WC6, WC9,CF8(304), CF8M(316), CF3M(316L), CF3(304L) and so on.
KOSEN Valve design standards API, ASTM, ANSI, JIS, DIN, BS, GB, etc.