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Globe Valve  is forced closed valve, so valve is closed, the disc must put pressure to force the sealing surface does not leak. When the medium from the bottom valve into the valve, the operating force required to overcome resistance, the stem and the packing of the friction and pressure generated by the media, the thrust force off the valve to open the valve than the force, Therefore, the diameter of the stem to a large, otherwise the top curved stem failure occurred. In recent years, the emergence of self-sealing valve, globe valve to change the media flow to the top of the valve into the valve chamber, when under pressure in the medium and close the valve of the force is small, and open the valve of the force, stem diameter can be reduced accordingly. Meanwhile, the role of the media, this form of valve is also more closely. China Valves "three to" have the provisions of the flow valve, all top-down. The valve should be installed horizontally.
Valve is open, the valve opening height, the nominal diameter of 25% to 30%, the flow has reached the maximum that the valve has reached the fully open position. Therefore, valve fully open position, valve stroke should be determined.
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