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Gate Valve types, according to the sealing surface configuration can be divided into wedge gate-type valve and parallel gate gate valve, wedge gate-type valve can be divided into: single-gate type, gate-type double plate and elastic; parallel gate-type valve can be divided into single-gate type and double plate. Position by the valve stem threads are divided into clear shot valve and the dark bar gate two. This type valve in the pipe should normally be installed horizontally.
Gate valve with the valve stem with a straight line, called the lift rod valve (also called clear shot valve.) Often movements are trapezoidal threaded rod, nuts through the valve and the valve on the top of the guide slot, the rotary motion into linear motion, that is, the operation of torque, thrust into action.
Some valve, the stem nut is located at the gate, hand-driven rotation of valve stem rotation, leaving the gate to upgrade, this valve is called the rotating rod valve or valve called the dark bar.
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