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Diaphragm Valve are related to pinch valves. But use an elastomeric diaphragm, instead of an elastomeric liner in the valve body, to separate the flow stream from the closure element. Instead of pinching the liner closed to provide shut-off, the diaphragm is pushed into contact with the bottom of the valve body to provide shut-off. Diaphragm valves are excellent for controlling the flow of fluids containing suspended solids and offer the flexibility of being installed in any position. These types of valves have found widespread use in the pharmaceutical, food processing, and water treatment industries.
Diaphragm valves are available in two basic forms: weir type and straight through types.
The weir design is best for general use applications or for tough corrosive and abrasive services. The straight through type can be used in situations where the flow direction changes within the system. Thy can excellent for use with sludge, slurries and other viscous fluids, Both styles provide a streamlined path for fluid flow that yields minimal pressure drop across the valve.
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